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Aug 4, 2020

In this episode, we are presenting a recording of the first Laka Perspective webinar with Gianluca Santosuosso, who discussed his most current projects in the theme of human-nature symbiosis. His presentation covered biomimetic design at different project scales: a forest cabin, a floating residential community on the...

Jul 6, 2020

In this episode, Kasia Burzynska and Aga Radziszewska discuss '3D printing in fashion' - Aga's interview with Danit Peleg for Laka Perspectives vol. 2.

Danit Peleg is a world-renowned fashion designer and TED speaker, creator of the first clothing line created entirely using desktop 3D printers from home.


Jul 4, 2020

In this episode, Kasia Burzynska and Wendy Chikowero deliver a brief teaser of what's coming up in the third edition of the Laka Perspectives program and discuss the role of nature in future architecture described by Toyo Ito in his essay titled "Toward Reviving the 'Power to Evoke Empathy'".

At Laka Perspectives, our...